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What is meant by second passport or Economic Citizenship? Economic Citizenship is the process through which an individual and/or a family obtain legitimate and instant second citizenship and a new second passport through a preferred legal process from a host country in exchange for financial contributions or real estate investment plus Government and legal fees.2nd Passport

Legitimate 2nd Passport Programs or Economic Citizenship Programs are currently offered in only two countries in the world: The Commonwealth of Dominica and St. Kitts & Nevis, is foremost the fastest and most successful program in which second citizenship and a second passport is thereby granted to investors (individuals or families). The investment can be in the form of real estate purchase plus high, but reasonable Government fees - in the case of St. Kitts Citizenship Program, or a non-refundable financial contribution to select government programs - as in Commonwealth of Dominica citizenship by investment Program, or a combination of both transactions.

The advantage of obtaining citizenship and a 2nd passport through an Economic Citizenship Programme is the speed at which the second citizenship and the 2nd passport is granted/processed. This is an accelerated program in which there is no residency requirement thus reducing the process of obtaining citizenship and a second passport from years to months. Before proceeding with details on second passport programs through a 2nd Passport Legitimate Programs, it is essential that the differences between Citizenship and Residency be outlined. That way, the benefits of a Second Citizenship Programme can be immediately recognized.

Citizenship is a legal relationship between an individual and the state, in which the individual gains the duties, rights and privilege of that country. For example Dominica Citizenship by Investment leads to the lawful ownership of a passport, in this regard, a 2nd legitimate passport.

A Resident is an individual who legally resides in a place for a specified period of time with limited rights, privileges and obligations, with the opportunity to receive economic citizenship, providing certain criteria (language tests, residence, approved application) is met, and even then citizenship is NOT guaranteed, and therefore neither is a 2nd passport.

A citizen of a country can own a passport, a resident cannot. A resident first has to gain citizenship through naturalization, marriage and ancestry in order to be able to bear a second passport of that country. The US, Canada, Great Britain, and Australia and Switzerland offer these residency programs. Also, consider Dominica economic citizenship program to read about.

There are many reasons why individuals seek out 2nd citizenship and legitimate 2nd Passports’ rights and privileges. Some of these reasons may be personal and or business, whatever the reason, the program of second citizenship (which provides a legitimate second passport) can be successful and beneficial to the bearer if it is acquired through Governments licensed and established agents only. You will find more specific reviews of the programs and advantages here, take your time.

Who needs a 2nd passport? Economic Citizenship or second passports should be considered by individuals who want unlimited mobility, financial freedom, and the safety and security under another nationality which cannot be granted under their primary nationality.

Freedom of Movement (mobility)

to facilitate un-restricted movement around the world ( business or pleasure)- to avoid nationality restrictions- to avoid Visa/permit restrictions - to encounter less immigration scrutiny and hassle- to be able to conceal the record of places visited- to evade travel restrictions by dictatorship rule

Financial freedom

to be able to conduct tax-free business outside his or her country of origin- to legally avoid excessive taxation- to evade confiscation policies- to accumulate and preserve assets

Safety and Security

to avoid persecution- to avoid acts of terrorism, hate crimes- to avoid undue stress or problems- to benefit from new nationality privileges

Who reasonably may need a second passport? Notably, there are a few nationalities that can benefit directly from a second passport program, specifically:

  1. Chinese: in order to leave China, a Chinese national must first get permission from the government, must get a passport, and in most cases, get a visa for the country they wish to visit. A 2nd passport would provide a means to safe exit.
  2. US - taxation and terrorist threats. In order to accumulate legitimate assets, and accrue wealth while minimizing taxation, business persons may want to consider forming offshore businesses (IBCs) in other territories whereby monies generated would not be taxed by the country of registration. In light of 9/11, Americans are under the threat of being persecuted, attacked and potentially killed based on nationality alone.
  3. Eastern Europeans and Africans can use their second passport as an insurance against difficult times. Unstable economies lead to war and insurgence and such activities are recurrent amongst many countries of Eastern Europe and Africa. In the event an individual or family wishes to escape such persecution and living conditions, a second passport will provide that option; where else he would be immovable. Plus, to get by lengthy processes to obtain visa including long queues and circumvent visa requirements for travel.
  4. Russians looking for political stability, a safe haven for assets and wealth 5.Taiwan, Turkey, Switzerland, Israel, Brazil, Singapore and more: there are over 30 countries worldwide that still enforce conscription (mandatory military services). Then there are many other countries who have suspended their conscription services and it is not enforced, but can be reinstated in times of emergency. The 2nd Passports or Economic Citizenship Programs should not be mistaken for a 2nd Passport from Your Own Country. It is possible for citizens of the US, UK and some other countries to own a second passport from their own country. That means having two US or UK passports, etc… That also means that these Governments perfectly understand that second passport can be required and necessary for some individuals. However, these passports are issued under most unusual mitigating circumstances:

Persons who travel frequently to countries requiring visas, and there isn’t sufficient time to get visas in-between trips- Persons who travel to conflicting countries such as Israeli and Syria, Cuba and America, Cyprus and Northern Cyprus, etc…

Second passports are valid for a much shorter period in US and UK cases - two years and passports cannot be renewed. Second passports of the same country have the same restrictions or benefits as the primary passport given by country of issue. The issuance of a second valid passport is approved on an individual basis and considered a rare exception to regulations.

In summation, there are two main reasons why you should consider economic citizenship, it is much better to have two legitimate citizenships and passports from two different countries than 2 passports from the same country, plus additional tax-free benefits. It is a win-win situation for both the beneficiary and the country.

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